Hanging With Holograms

I decided to create a quick demo to load a couple of 3D assets. I hooked up an idle animation, but didn’t have it repeat so you only see movement for a little bit. I’ll be creating more around this. If you are interested in a tutorial on character animation inside of Unity let me know. I want to make some content that people actually care about. So let me know if there is something you are dying to see but can’t find a good article or video on and I’ll see what I can do.

In the mean time, I hope you enjoy the holograms. I had fun messing around with them. I have work to do around the lighting and to add in better animations, but I wanted to get a post out that showed loading life size “people” as holograms.

If you want to get started with game development, I’d highly recommend using Unity. I have an introductory course available at http://devgame101.com so go check it out.

Tell me what you think!