HoloLens Posting Processing Effect–Ripple Effect

I had big plans to show some cool things this week. Unfortunately, things didn’t go too smoothly for me so I decided to try and see what a post processing effect would look like on the HoloLens. The results on the video look pretty cool, but in person it wasn’t that great.

It is to be expected as the ripple effect I created is only visible in the field of view and in this type of effect it really breaks the flow. So I couldn’t suggest anyone try to do a post processing effect in the HoloLens itself. (Not that I would expect many people to try…)

If time allows, and I have better success than I did today, then I may try to take that effect and have it run against the different planes in the room. So it will look like the walls have the effect.

Enjoy the video!

Tell me what you think!