Dream Build Play 2017

Dream Build Play is back!

Back in 2007 Microsoft had the first Dream Build Play contest. Yes, 10 years ago. Then it went away for a while … like 7 years or so…

But it is back! And I’m excited about it.

You can check it out here, or get a little history lesson and learn about something new by watching the video below:

How to Deploy to the HoloLens from Unity

Last week, I showed how you could install the HoloToolkit for Unity.

This week, I created a video showing you step by step how to deploy the app to the HoloLens and to the Emulator.

Enjoy the tutorial!

How to Install HoloToolkit for Unity

This week I have a tutorial video that shows how you can get going quickly with HoloLens development by installing the HoloToolkit and using it inside of Unity.

Next week, we will then take this example and deploy it to the HoloLens emulator.

Enjoy the step by step tutorial of how to install the HoloToolkit for Unity!

Want a HoloLens and a $100K and a Unity Pro 12 month subscription?


Yes, Microsoft and Unity are giving away cold hard cash as well as subscriptions to Unity Pro.

Oh, yeah … and 3 HoloLens devices!

1st place gets $100K + HoloLens Dev Edition + Unity Pro 12 month subscription

2nd place gets $30K + HoloLens Dev Edition + Unity Pro 12 month subscription

3rd place gets $20K + HoloLens Dev Edition + Unity Pro 12 month subscription

Plus 5 Honorable mentions each get a Unity Pro 12 month subscription.

The contest began on 5/10.

If you receive my emails, then you already know about the contest. If you don’t get my emails, today would be a good day to start 🙂

Simply opt-in on my About page or on the Ultimate HoloLens Resource List page.

Submissions for your app idea need to be in by June 10, 2017.

Then, just 6 days after that… Unity and Microsoft will announce the finalists.

Finalists should build out the app and submit it by October 30.

Winners will be announced in November.

For all the details on what you need to do and how to submit, you can head over to the Unity site.

It’s time to get those creative juices flowing…