End of an Era, Start of a new One

Microsoft Xbox 360

It was announced that Microsoft is no longer producing the Xbox 360 console. It was a great console and still has a lot of life in it. Of course, I have two different ones, but I rarely use one and the other is so I can stream Netflix. (Not a smart TV, in fact, it is a big ole CRT thing – well big as in depth, not viewing area.)

Since many of the 360 games I bought and haven’t played yet are coming to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility list, I’ll have fewer reasons to turn on the 360. Still, there are some games, like Batman Arkham Origins and Assassins Creed Rouge that I just recently played that were only available on the 360.

The 360 will always have a special place in my heart, because that was the first console I was able to deploy (and debug) a game to. This was basically unheard of before XNA came out.

Now with MonoGame, anyone who wrote code using XNA, can have that game live on in the new world on Windows 10. This includes on HoloLens. Here Microsoft is shipping it’s first holographic computer and thanks to the open source project, and in particular, Tom Spilman, XNA code will run on the HoloLens.


The Xbox 360 turned 10 years old in November 2015. It still has life in it and support for the console will continue for at least another 3 years.  I loved the 360, I love my Xbox One and I know I’m going to love my HoloLens. It is supposed to arrive tomorrow!

Oh, by the way, I’m hoping to send the updated XNA Game Studio 3.0 Unleashed code to GitHub tomorrow.  Will that mean two posts in a row? Only time will tell…

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