HoloValentine Alpha Preview

I’m going to work to release my first HoloLens app. Originally, I was going to release a different app as my first app, but I decided I wanted to release something for Valentine’s Day. Fortunately, this is a simple app and I had created it a couple of years ago with a target audience of one – my wife.

At this point, this is just an alpha preview of the app. It may look a lot different by the time it ends up in the store … or it may look exactly the same – it will depend on how much time I can spend on this before submitting it to the store.

In the video I mentioned the shader that is being used to display the spatial mapping data. While it has some really bad shearing in places it is a really nice looking shader. I found out about this shader from James who asked a question in our monthly Live Q&A sessions in the premium membership site over at LearnHoloLens.com. As I worked to answer his question, I looked at both the shader here and the SpatialMappingTap scene in the HoloToolkit to get the shader to only work when I tapped instead of always updating.

The shader can be found on GitHub at:


His accompanying blog post can be found at:


Here is the video where I demo the shader and the alpha preview of the upcoming HoloValentine game.

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