Learn HoloLens Membership Site Beta Enrollment

A couple of months ago I created a membership site to teach developers all about HoloLens development.

Learn HoloLens Membership Site

Most of the time, the membership site is closed. This is so I can focus on creating the master classes and on the community.

I plan to only open enrollment to Learn HoloLens a couple of times a year.

Back when I did a limited launch in September, I opened up the site for alpha members. Now, in November, I’m opening it up for beta members. I’ll open it up with a full launch sometime next year. I’m not sure exactly when that will be yet.

Trying to get everything setup correctly, from email campaigns, to shopping carts and membership software, continues to be a lot of work.

I’ve mentioned the Essentialism book a couple of times, but I’ll mention it here again because in the past I would have just left enrollment open all the time and wouldn’t have done a good job at promoting the site, nor a good job at providing the service the site needs.

Instead, I need to focus on one task or another. It takes planning to make sure the members don’t suffer while I work on promoting the site and to bring in more people to the community.

What I’ve had to learn is that by saying yes to one thing, I have to say no to something else.

By consistently creating YouTube videos and blog posts each week, I’ve had several opportunities come my way. Many, I’ve had to decline in order to focus on growing this community in the right way.

The cart has been open for about a day and I’m excited to see how many people have already signed up. The slots may fill up before we even hit Sunday night when the cart closes.

You should head over to LearnHoloLens.com and see if this membership site is something you want to be a part of. I’ve only received positive feedback so far, and I’ve had zero people cancel their subscription since joining, which I’m very proud of.

If you happen to be reading this when the membership enrollment is closed, go ahead and sign up for the notification list. That way you will be the first to know when enrollment opens again so you can jump in.

Tell me what you think!