Positive Discontentment

Discontentment is a bad thing.  We should be content with what we have.  No need to envy what someone else has.  No need to keep up with Joneses.  No need to buy that new gadget just because someone else has one.

However, there are times when discontentment is a good thing.  We should always strive to better ourselves.  We should try to be better parents and spouses.  We should try to be better developers.  We should try to be better people.  So, in that sense, we should never be content with where we are.  I’m not suggesting we should always be looking down on ourselves.  Instead we should be happy with the things we have accomplished but never be satisfied with staying where we are.

So if you haven’t picked up a good book in a while, do so.  Spend some time building your relationships and never stay content with your achievements in life.

Keep learning, keep striving and keep achieving.

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