public void WriteFirstPost() { Blog.Write(“Hello World”); }

Hello WorldThis is the obligatory “Hello World” first post.  This isn’t my first blog but this blog will be my main blog that contains articles about technology and life. I will try to keep rants to a minimum.

I currently have the site which is dedicated to just XNA development. I want to describe my experience at CodeStock 2010 and thought a more general purpose blog would be a better home. I’ve also done some things with Silverlight and ASP.NET and didn’t ever put those experiences on the XNA Essentials blog because it wasn’t appropriate. Hopefully I will maintain both blogs regularly.  I know of at least 3 more posts I definitely want to write over the next couple of weeks.  I have had this domain for several years but never did anything with it. It looks like life may be changing some for me and I figured now was a good time to actually breathe life into this site.  It will start just as a blog but other things will come in the near future I believe.

Thanks for humoring me on my first post.

Tell me what you think!