A Story from a 17 year .NET Developer Veteran

In my video this week I talk about the history of .NET and why I think now is a great time to be a .NET developer. I was at a conference in Las Vegas back in the fall of 2000 and I saw Scott Guthrie, wearing his now famous red polo shirt, talking about this new technology called ASP+.

It would soon be renamed to ASP.NET. It was fantastic and I’ve been using it every since that announcement, well before it was officially released in 2002.

If .NET Core 2.0 has as much life as the original, then it will be around for at least another 15 years and that is a good thing. The performance of .NET Core 2.0 is fantastic.

I hope you enjoy my story as I talk about why I started using .NET all those years ago…

The Secret to Using HoloLens Spatial Mapping in Unity


On September 20th – next week – I’ll be doing a webinar digging into the HoloLens. This is a talk that I’ve done at a few conferences over the last year or so. But things have changed … so make sure you block off 2PM ET on September 20th to attend this free webinar that my friend, Kevin Griffin, is putting together.

In fact, this webinar is the 3rd in his series of webinars. The first one was using Azure Cosmos DB and the second one was about using Docker containers. Next week, I’m coming in to talk about the HoloLens. I’m not sure what he has scheduled after that, but he is having a webinar every 2 weeks on a variety of topics.

So if you aren’t interested in the HoloLens, you could still sign up to see what comes later. But if you are interested in HoloLens development – or are already doing it – then you definitely want to register for the free webinar.

I’ll see you on the webinar!

It Only Took 11 Years to get 500 YouTube Subscribers

A couple of weeks ago I noticed I hit the 500 subscriber mark on YouTube. Then a couple of days ago I got an email from YouTube telling me about my month in review. I don’t recall getting an email like this before. It may be because they updated their look and this is part of that overhaul or maybe it is because of some other reason.

Regardless, I received an email that had the following information:


I typically only upload 1 video a week, but with the immersive Windows Mixed Reality developer edition headsets that came out, I did a few more videos than normal. The email told me that I had been a creator since October 2006. I believe I joined YouTube in August of 2006 but I didn’t upload my first video until October.

I’m thankful for each subscriber and as a result I’m going to create another tutorial series on YouTube (and here on the blog). I’m looking to teach the topics that get the most traction.

So leave your comment here or on YouTube and let me know what you would like me to teach about next…

HoloToolkit / MRTK Popup Menu Issue

Back in April, one of my members, Leo, had a question about a master class I did in December. In that master class I talked about gaze, gestures and input. I showed an example scene from the toolkit that actually showed a popup menu.

Unfortunately a bug was introduced into the HoloToolkit after I did that master class. When I tracked it down, I meant to open an issue in the repository on GitHub, but I forgot.

But I just saw that someone else created an issue.  The issue (#880) can be found here:


So I decided to take an excerpt from the Live Q&A I did with the members and make it public on YouTube.

Unfortunately, when I did this particular Live Q&A my machine crashed and ended the live stream. I tried again, and it crashed again. It ended up being an issue with a bios setting…

Fortunately, none of my Live Q&A’s prior or since has suffered that fate.

The actual issue is in the DehydrationDeactivation.cs file under Input/Tests/Scripts. The OnStateExit needs to be changed back to OnStateEnter. That allows the menu to work as expected, but it was originally changed to fix an issue with the animation. So the true fix may be more involved.

If you are interested in becoming a member of LearnHoloLens, simply head over and jump on the notification list for when the doors open.