HoloLens Character Sit Demo

This month, the members at LearnHoloLens.com learned how to have a character sit on a virtual chair and next month they will learn how to actually have the character pick a seat in the real world and sit down.

This week, I’m showing off a demo of having an animated character spawn, pick a seat, walk to the seat, turn around and sit down in the seat.

The master class came about because a member wanted to know how to accomplish this task. It was first brought up in one of the monthly Live Q&A sessions, and then discussed a couple of times. There seemed to be enough interest in the topic that two full master classes are devoted to it.

If you are into HoloLens development and want a shortcut to learn practical things that aren’t taught anywhere else, head on over to LearnHoloLens.com and jump on the notification list so you can be notified when the doors open again.

It’s a lot of fun and I hope you’ll join us!

Enjoy the video:

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