About Chad Carter

My name is Chad Carter.

I’m thrilled you are here – because I like meeting new people. Everyone has a story and I’d like to know yours. There is only one way for that to happen though…

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In order for you to know if it is worth your time to get to know me, let me tell you a story. This is a story about me…

This is my about page, after all 😉

I was born at an early age…

OK, I’m just kidding… I won’t start there!

It was around 8th grade that I knew that I wanted to be in technology. I wanted to be a “computer technician” to be exact. I didn’t exactly know what that term meant, but it sounded cool to me.

Later, I learned the word “programmer” and so I decided I was going to be a programmer, because I was much more interested in the software side of computers more than the hardware side. In particular, I was interested in games… but I’ll get to that in a second.

So, I knew I was going to get into computers, because computers were the only thing I was good at!

I had average grades in school, but working with computers “came easy”.

It actually didn’t come easy at all… I was just too thick to realize it.

You see, I worked very hard at learning how to use the computer, because I wanted to play games on the computer.

Now, this was back in the day when computers didn’t have gigabytes of RAM like they do today. In fact, they didn’t even have megabytes of RAM!

The IBM Compatible PC I was using at the time had a whopping 640K of RAM.  And trying to get a game like DOOM to play took a lot of effort.


So I strived and toiled to figure it out…

I spent weeks trying to get different games to run…

And figure it out, I did!

The funny thing is that it didn’t seem like work at the time. I didn’t have anything else to do, and trying to get the computer to play the game was my number one priority in life.

I started trying to make my own programs and got a deep satisfaction from being able to type some commands into the computer and watching it do what I asked

I was hooked!

I was good at computers and this is what I wanted to do with my life.

Since I went down the technology path over 30 years ago, with the last two decades being in the professional software development space, I have learned so much. Technology keeps changing, but I still find it very exciting…

Back on 10-10-10 I created a technology company by the name of GlobalCove Technologies.

Many small and medium size business have processes in place that they have outgrown. I am a consultant, custom software developer, and systems integrator. I help companies streamline their processes by utilizing the right technology so they can increase profits and reduce costs.

In addition to consulting, I have taught software and game development for many years. I’ve even written a couple of bestselling technical game development books.

More recently, I’ve been diving into virtual, mixed, and augmented reality. It is the future and the device I’m most in love with is the HoloLens.

Currently, I’m focusing on helping companies who want to make a mark in the world by using VR, MR and AR. I’m also creating training material for other developers who want to get a kick start into this new reality.

So that is enough about me. Let’s get back to you…

Are you a business that is working in virtual, mixed or augmented reality? If so, contact me at consult@globalcove.com as I’d love to help you in this brave new world reality.

Are you a developer looking to get into mixed reality with the HoloLens? I’ve launched a member portal for HoloLens developers at LearnHoloLens.com!

I’m looking forward to meeting you and hearing your story!

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