Learn HoloLens Membership Site Enrollment

The Learn HoloLens membership site is usually closed so I can focus on the content and supporting my members. However, I’ve opened it up until Tuesday night, October 10th, 2017 at Midnight ET.

So you have a week to see if it is something you want to pursue.

Every month there is a new Master Class available. When you signup you get immediate access to all the previous master classes.

These include topics like world anchors, spatial mapping, spatial understanding, shadows, particles, shaders, voice recognition, spatial audio, submitting to the store, magic windows, animations, and using the emulator.

The materials really focus on Unity, so if you are a DirectX 12 / C++ dev looking to do HoloLens development, the material in the membership won’t help you too much.

But, if you’ve never used Unity or any 3D development before, then you will get a lot from the material.

Or if you have been working with the HoloLens consistently for the last year and half, you will still get a lot from the master classes because the material inside isn’t covered anywhere else.

In the membership, I show you the success path so you can create your HoloLens games, apps, or experiences faster.

This membership is your shortcut.

Go ahead and try it out. You don’t have anything to lose.


Spatial Mapping Components in Unity

While watching the .NET Conf I saw Jaime add some spatial mapping components that were built directly into Unity. I’m not sure when they were added to Unity, but I’ve been using the HoloToolkit’s (or rather Mixed Reality Toolkit’s) spatial mapping prefab.

In the video this week, I explain why I’m going to continue do so…

A Story from a 17 year .NET Developer Veteran

In my video this week I talk about the history of .NET and why I think now is a great time to be a .NET developer. I was at a conference in Las Vegas back in the fall of 2000 and I saw Scott Guthrie, wearing his now famous red polo shirt, talking about this new technology called ASP+.

It would soon be renamed to ASP.NET. It was fantastic and I’ve been using it every since that announcement, well before it was officially released in 2002.

If .NET Core 2.0 has as much life as the original, then it will be around for at least another 15 years and that is a good thing. The performance of .NET Core 2.0 is fantastic.

I hope you enjoy my story as I talk about why I started using .NET all those years ago…

The Secret to Using HoloLens Spatial Mapping in Unity


On September 20th – next week – I’ll be doing a webinar digging into the HoloLens. This is a talk that I’ve done at a few conferences over the last year or so. But things have changed … so make sure you block off 2PM ET on September 20th to attend this free webinar that my friend, Kevin Griffin, is putting together.

In fact, this webinar is the 3rd in his series of webinars. The first one was using Azure Cosmos DB and the second one was about using Docker containers. Next week, I’m coming in to talk about the HoloLens. I’m not sure what he has scheduled after that, but he is having a webinar every 2 weeks on a variety of topics.

So if you aren’t interested in the HoloLens, you could still sign up to see what comes later. But if you are interested in HoloLens development – or are already doing it – then you definitely want to register for the free webinar.

I’ll see you on the webinar!