Medieval VR on the HoloLens

The Unity Asset Store is really a phenomenal thing. In a matter of an hour I was able to start a project from scratch and search for free medieval assets and bring them in to a new project without any idea what I was going to create.

First I found free music that can randomly generate itself.!/content/34407

Then I found a cool cartoon character.!/content/19641

Finally, I found a neat little cartoon house.!/content/16674

I started a new project in Unity and brought in the HoloToolkit for Unity and then imported each of those projects.

Simply opening the house scene and removing the First Person camera and adding in the HoloLens Camera and InputManager I was off to the races. I actually placed the camera in the middle of the house and then placed the character in the house facing the camera.

Finally, I created an object to hold the music script to play the music.

I said it was an hour, but it was more like 30 minutes and then another 30 minutes of me deploying to the HoloLens and recording and editing the video.

I’m happy with the results. What do you think? Leave me a comment and let me know!

By the way, this was deployed using Visual Studio 2017. If you are using Visual Studio 2015, stop what you are doing and go grab 2017 right now. It is really excellent.

In order to make Unity use it instead of VS 2015, simply open up preferences and browse to devenv.exe in the VS 2017 folder.

Little Holographic Dragon

Dragons are cool. Holographic dragons are even cooler. I bring a little dragon into my world after coding a simplistic AI state machine to go through the different actions and emotions this little guy has.

Plus, since I have some sort of awful congestion thing going on, you can just listen to some music while you watch the little dragon dude do his thing instead of hearing my voice. 🙂

Unity Start, Update, and OnEnable

So last month, I did a four part tutorial on getting a bouncing ball working on the HoloLens. Unfortunately, I didn’t give entirely accurate information when in the 3rd video I said that you simply removing the Start method from the MonoBehaviour would make the Enable checkbox in the Unity inspector window disappear for the script.

It is a little more involved than that and I discuss it in this week’s video.

I also announce when I’m going to open up the premium membership site for new members again, so check out the video below.

HoloLens Spatial Understanding now works in Unity Editor

Over the past week I’ve gotten an email from one of my Learn HoloLens members about creating a master class on spatial understanding. I also received a couple of comments on my previous spatial understanding videos.

In particular, I was asked if it still worked with the latest versions of Unity and the HoloToolkit for Unity. I did some investigating and the timing couldn’t have worked out any better.

Not only do the latest versions work, they now also work in the Unity Editor itself. The updated code was just merged into the master branch yesterday during the time I was creating the demo.

The demo shows the latest version of Unity and the version of the HoloToolkit as of 2/14/2017 in the morning. Then I grabbed the latest version again in the afternoon which incorporated work by Robert El-Soudani (aka MrBobbyBobberson) from Microsoft.

These changes not only fixed the GUI issue that broke because of the InputManager changes, but also allows the spatial understanding components to work inside of the Unity Editor.

This will allow for much faster iterations when working with spatial understanding.

You can see the journey in this week’s video…

Remember, it isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey…