SharePoint spaces–Mixed Reality for the Enterprise

On Monday, Microsoft had the SharePoint Conference and in the keynote they introduced SharePoint spaces.

SharePoint spaces brings Mixed Reality to the enterprise. The reason why I’m talking about this is because it shows that Microsoft is planning on utilizing the immersive headsets in the enterprise and not just in the consumer market.

SharePoint spaces will be utilizing WebVR and BabylonJS, which makes sense, because SharePoint is a website building tool. Many enterprises utilize SharePoint for their company intranet’s.

If you are on the fence about digging into Mixed Reality and HoloLens development, this should tip you on over to the side of actually doing something to start learning this new way of development.

Head over to and sign up to learn what you need to develop mixed reality games, apps, and experiences for the HoloLens. This information is the very similar to what you need for the immersive headsets as well.

To see part of the SharePoint Conference keynote, you can watch my video here:

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