HoloLens Actiongram: Grim Reaper vs the Mime


I took a break from developing demos for the HoloLens to play around with some of the apps currently available. This week’s video features the Actiongram app from Microsoft and the Land of the Dinosaurs app.

The Land of Dinosaurs app is a Virtual Reality type of app, much like the HoloTour.

The Actiongram app is still in beta, but it seems to be running pretty solidly. It lets you add a few pre-recorded items to a scene and you can change the scale, rotation, and position of each “actor”. You can also specify when it should start playing – immediately, on gaze, after X seconds, etc.

I enjoyed playing with the app, but definitely had to clean up and trim up the shots once I saved the videos. The videos record 30 seconds at a time.

Playing with Actiongram was a nice diversion. Did you notice the butterfly that landed on the flowers?

On a side note, if you are going to be in or around Atlanta for October 7th-9th let me know. I’ll be speaking at SiegeCon. I’ll be doing a talk on the HoloLens around spatial mapping.

If you have a minute, you should leave me a comment and let me know what topic, app or demo you’d like me to cover next.

Enjoy the video and have a great week!

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