HoloLens Spatial Mapping Occlusion Demo

I brought out the demo I was working with last week and changed the material to use an occlusion material (basically all black) for the spatial mapping object. So when I say “Show” (and when the demo starts) the blue wireframe material is being used. But when I say “Hide”, the material on the spatial mapping object is switched out to the occlusion material.

I added in a smaller ball projectile that I can instantiate / spawn by saying “Shoot”. I have high bouncy effects associated to both the original larger ball and the smaller projectile balls. They all have a rigid body so that physics work correctly between each other and the spatial mapping of the environment.

This took very little code and very little effort, but I’m happy with the results so far. I’ve had a request to create a tutorial around the spatial mapping and how I got working so I’ll work on creating a detailed video and/or post about that soon.

If you like the demo and want to see more please let me know. There are so many things I can spend my time on and I only want to share this stuff if it is actually beneficial to others. So if you like it and want more, let me know in the comments (or by subscribing or leaving a comment on YouTube).


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