HoloToolkit / MRTK Popup Menu Issue

Back in April, one of my members, Leo, had a question about a master class I did in December. In that master class I talked about gaze, gestures and input. I showed an example scene from the toolkit that actually showed a popup menu.

Unfortunately a bug was introduced into the HoloToolkit after I did that master class. When I tracked it down, I meant to open an issue in the repository on GitHub, but I forgot.

But I just saw that someone else created an issue.  The issue (#880) can be found here:


So I decided to take an excerpt from the Live Q&A I did with the members and make it public on YouTube.

Unfortunately, when I did this particular Live Q&A my machine crashed and ended the live stream. I tried again, and it crashed again. It ended up being an issue with a bios setting…

Fortunately, none of my Live Q&A’s prior or since has suffered that fate.

The actual issue is in the DehydrationDeactivation.cs file under Input/Tests/Scripts. The OnStateExit needs to be changed back to OnStateEnter. That allows the menu to work as expected, but it was originally changed to fix an issue with the animation. So the true fix may be more involved.

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