Microsoft Buys GitHub

On Monday, the news came out that Microsoft acquired GitHub for 7.5 Billion dollars. As with most things, there are those who think it is great news and those who think the news spells doom for GitHub.

I’m in the former camp. I think this will ultimately be great. Microsoft has said they will continue to have GitHub run as its own entity just like they did with LinkedIn and Minecraft.

You can read both GitHub’s announcement as well as Microsoft’s announcement.

Or you can hear me summarize them while playing some Forza 6 below.

Developer Contests FTW

A couple of months ago I mentioned that Dream Build Play was happening. There are some sweet prizes available.

Well, now there is another contest where you could win all of the following:

  • Surface Studio (2TB / Intel Core i7)
  • Surface Pro (256GB / Intel Core i5)
  • Surface Dial
  • Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset
  • Xbox One X
  • Custom Xbox controller with engraving
  • $2,500 USD advertising credit

To have a chance to win, all you need to do is update or publish an app targeting the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (build 16299) by November 17, 2017.

So go ahead and update that app you already have out there, or create something new…

And if you are making a game then you could really rack-up with the awesome prizes from Dream Build Play.

HoloToolkit / MRTK Popup Menu Issue

Back in April, one of my members, Leo, had a question about a master class I did in December. In that master class I talked about gaze, gestures and input. I showed an example scene from the toolkit that actually showed a popup menu.

Unfortunately a bug was introduced into the HoloToolkit after I did that master class. When I tracked it down, I meant to open an issue in the repository on GitHub, but I forgot.

But I just saw that someone else created an issue.  The issue (#880) can be found here:

So I decided to take an excerpt from the Live Q&A I did with the members and make it public on YouTube.

Unfortunately, when I did this particular Live Q&A my machine crashed and ended the live stream. I tried again, and it crashed again. It ended up being an issue with a bios setting…

Fortunately, none of my Live Q&A’s prior or since has suffered that fate.

The actual issue is in the DehydrationDeactivation.cs file under Input/Tests/Scripts. The OnStateExit needs to be changed back to OnStateEnter. That allows the menu to work as expected, but it was originally changed to fix an issue with the animation. So the true fix may be more involved.

If you are interested in becoming a member of LearnHoloLens, simply head over and jump on the notification list for when the doors open.

Xbox One Controller–HoloLens Edition & HoloHack in Atlanta


Around August of last year, I ran a contest to give away an Xbox Controller that was themed like the HoloLens. I even had“HoloLens Edition” engraved on the controller – unfortunately, it doesn’t show up in this picture, but it does on the website where you can order your own!

The winner of the controller was none other than Jason Odom, who at the time was creating a lot of YouTube videos around the HoloLens. Since then, he has created a HoloLens book (HoloLens Beginner Guide) and his is constantly writing articles for Next Reality. Make sure to check them out.

Anyway, he is going to be at the HoloHack in Atlanta, and it reminded me about this controller. I wanted to give you the link to the design in case you were interested in purchasing it.

I’ll be heading to Atlanta to meet up with Jason, and my fellow HoloLens consultant James Ashley, another HoloLens dev and Microsoft MVP, as well as some others that will be there.

If you are in or around Atlanta, you should definitely drop by. I’d love to say hi!

Here is the link to the controller: