HoloLens Beds

I wanted to see what it would look like to put a photo realistic bed model in the middle of my basement and then switch it out based on different styles…

I found a nice bed model on the Unity Asset Store and decided to bang out a quick HoloLens app to test it out. The realism of the beds are pretty good, which makes it work really well for this type of demo. It was actually tempting to at least sit on the bed. Of course, if I tried to sit down… I would have ended up on the floor! Fortunately, I was smart enough to stay standing, but it was interesting that my brain was telling it that the bed would be very comfortable to sit on and I should try it…

Hopefully you enjoyed it. Doing this little exercise made me think of another demo I can create in the future. I have exciting news to announce next week… so stay tuned!

Enjoy the video!

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