HoloLens Developer Challenge: Wizard Battle (Sorcerer)


Displaying cool effects on the HoloLens is pretty fun. In this weeks video I show a little app I made where I display a staff and then can produce some sort of protective shield, or health replenishment, or any number of things that people who are more into Wizards, Sorcerers and Mages than I am could come up with. I just like the particle effects and the way they look through the HoloLens.

Last week, I did my take on being a mage casting spells … although most were some sort of a beam… and this week, as a sorcerer, I created some orbiting magical goodness.  I hope you enjoy. I’ll be devoting more and more time to the HoloLens in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for some in depth tutorials…

Enjoy the video!

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