Mixed Reality Game Tutorial Part 6 – Hiding Items and Disabling Input

This Mixed Reality Game Development Tutorial is the sixth in a multi-part series where we will create a complete game from scratch.

The goal of this series is to create a full game that will run on the Windows Mixed Reality headsets. While the game will be simplistic in nature, the process will show what all is needed to get a game actually completed.

In this sixth session we start to see the progress of our work because now the items are being hid and the peas are being displayed when they are clicked on. Also, the InputManager is used to disable and restore the user input.

The next session will display the scoring and strikes information so the user can see their score and strike count.

Part 0: Getting Started with Mixed Reality
Part 1: Setup
Part 2: Core Game Logic
Part 3: Game Controller
Part 4: Motion Controller Support / Input
Part 5: Keeping Score
Part 6: Hiding Items and Disabling Input
Part 7: Displaying Score and Strikes
Part 8: High Scores
Part 9: Adding Animation
Part 10: Implementing Animation
Part 11: Adding Sounds
Part 12: Adding Particles
Part 13: Deploying to Devices

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